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Camera/Steadicam Rickshaws for the Film Industry. Located in Los Angeles, CA.


Rickshaw XL ($400/day)

  • Modular Cheeseplate Chassis

  • Precision Inovativ wheels

  • 36” Wide with Front disc Brakes

Compact Rickshaw ($350/day)

  • Light weight, quick to break down

  • Fits into any car for easy transport

  • 28” Wide Speedrail frame for infinite rigging option

Trailer Hitch Mount.jpeg

Trailer Hitch Speedrail Mount ($150/day)

  • 2” Standard Hitch Size with two Lengths available

  • Fully Adjustable and Secure with Locking Flanged Bolt

  • Standard 1-1/4” Speedrail

Steadicam Garfield Mount ($100/day)

  • Industry leading Klassen Hard Mount

  • Tooless Rigid Adjustment

  • Universal Socket Block

Garfield Mount.webp
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